Dave Gilbert

Kennel Technician/Dog Daycare Counselor

Dave began working at Three Oaks as a junior in high school. After 3 years of employment, he is well known to clients and their pets.  Dave is cat-dad to Kiwi. He also shares his home with cats Pixie, Charlie, Ming, Luna & senior Jack Russell Terrier, Candi Cane.  An animal lover, he enjoys giving pets the highest care possible during his time with them.  He is often found with a pet in his lap and others at his feet.  Dave is dedicated to boarding and afternoon daycare.


Shannon Gilbert

Kennel Technician/Daycare Counselor/Receptionist/Bather

Shannon began her relationship at Three Oaks as a longtime client of 5+ years.  She turned employee a little over a year ago.  At home you can find her surrounded by her 5 cats/kids Pixie, Charlie, Ming, Luna & grand kitty Kiwi and her senior Jack Russell Terrier, Candi Cane.  A husband and son can be found somewhere in the mix! Each client & fur baby is family to her.  Shannon can be found mostly at the front desk, sometimes in boarding and occasionally bathing.


Corey Mills

Kennel Technician/Daycare Counselor/Receptionist

Corey has worked at Three Oaks as a kennel technician, receptionist and a daycare counselor; so we can definitely say all of our furry guests here love seeing him when they come in! Corey can most always be found with a pup at his side(or in his lap!), and is an integral part of our team here.


Jessica Strittmatter

Seasonal Kennel Technician/Daycare Counselor

Jessica or “Jessie” is a Connecticut transplant, who moved down to Virginia to pursue her dream of working with animals. Her interests strongly lie in animal science and zoology, and her intent is to one day become the “next Steve Irwin” and work as a zookeeper. Jessie can usually be found in the kennel intensely cleaning, in the daycare, and tending to boarding dogs!

Brittney Muller

Kennel Technician/Daycare Counselor/Receptionist/Bather

Ashlee Fulghum

Kennel Technician