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Frequently Asked Questions

-What do you offer?:   Three Oaks offers an array of services: Boarding for cats and dogs, limited grooming and pet spa services, doggie-daycare for social pups, day-boarding, and retail! We also have additional services that can be added on to your pets boarding stay.


-What are the suites like for our pets?: Our canine suites are private, spacious Snyder Mfg. brand rooms. Each room includes a comfortable raised Kuranda cot, constant fresh-water, and whatever you'd like to bring for your dogs from home(beds, toys, etc). Some suites are even kept dimmer for pups who need an extra quiet and den-like space to relax in. Our cat guests have a quiet, enclosed room all of their own. They spend their time in private cat-condos with different levels to play on, and a private cubby to snooze in!


-Do you have any pictures of Three Oaks?: Of course! The best place to find pictures and stay up to date is our facebook page! 


-What's included in the boarding fee?: Along with the suite, 4+ daily one on one outings with a staff member for pups, Twice daily litter-scooping for cats, always fresh water, a daily "hotel housekeeping" room freshening service, and tons of love and attention! 


-Do you do tours?:   We absolutely do! We pride ourselves on transparency here, and are happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. Tours are welcome during our quiet period, from 12-2:30, This way we can give you our undivided attention. We just ask for 15 minute notice(no need to schedule in advance unless you would like to) since we offer tours during our naptime, and sometimes we use this time to run errands or will be out of the facility(we gotta be here to show you around!).  We typically don't offer any tours during open business hours only because we are frequently moving dogs and assisting customers, but if you can only tour during a specific part of your day we will be happy to accommodate you with the same 15 minute notice to make sure we are not currently moving pups, and as long as we are able. On very busy days we may not be able to offer tours.


-Why were  the dogs barking, and the floor wet during my tour... And GASP! I smelled dog!! : Well basically, because dogs are dogs. They see something new, and exciting or know they are going outside and tend to get vocal. The dogs here know our staff members very well, and most of the time are calm, quiet, and relaxing in their rooms/out in daycare playing. New people on tours, and moving dogs in and out are usually the only times they will make any noise. They're just saying "woohoo! Something exciting is going on! Hey there!". Remember, we are a working pet care facility! Dogs can be messy, spill waters and sometimes even with abundant outings, have a potty accident. We run a tight ship around here with cleanliness, and that means lots of mopping and cleaning throughout the day; but no matter how clean, you cannot completely make the dog smell disappear. If someone finds out the secret, let us know!


-How does doggie-daycare work?:  Our daycare program is structured to provide your dog with a positive atmosphere that allows them to socialize and play to their full potential. Each potential dog-daycare camper must go through an assessment day, where our daycare coordinator will introduce them to the pack slowly, and see how they interact with different dog personalities. If they are a good fit, they will then be put into play-groups based on their size, personality, and play style! Campers are always attended by a daycare lead on staff, and positive-reinforcement based practices are utilized to teach your pup good manners while they are here. We use different forms of enrichment, which include activities like pool-time, follow-the-leader, fetch, tug, group-sits, group-recalls, working on general obedience, playing on our playground equipment, Scent-games and more! And of course, they have plenty of time to play with their friends in rotated-groups. Midday our campers get a treat, and naptime. If this doesn't sound like a good match for your pet, there are other great facilities in town that may be a better fit!


Who can play:    Social, friendly, healthy dogs of all sizes and ages who are physically-able to keep up with a playgroup.


Who might not be the best match for doggie-daycare:   Pups who are frail, very senior, unaltered over 7 months, pregnant, over-anxious, resource guarders, physically unable to keep up with a playgroup, or are very dog-selective/aggressive. It is absolutely OK if your pup doesn't seem like a match, or didn't pass their assessment. We love them just the same! Some pups just aren't happy in a daycare group setting. We still have options for dogs like this, including private playtimes with a staff member and dayboarding!


-Will my pet get the same add-ons every visit if I do it during one visit?:   The answer is no, unless you request it that way! We only repeat add ons if they are requested from you to do so. For example, Fluffy gets a suite treat one visit each night. She would  only get it each night again  if you requested us to do that the same way, each time.  Same applies to boarding 


-Whats on the horizon for Three Oaks?: We are always looking to the future! Floor-refurbishment, and more play equipment are all on the list to make us an even better place for your pets!

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