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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?:   Three Oaks offers an array of services: Boarding for cats and dogs, limited grooming and pet spa services, doggie-daycare for social pups, day-boarding, and retail! We also have additional services that can be added on to your pets boarding stay.

What is the age requirement to board a puppy or kitten?:  The age isn't the important issue.  The puppy or kitten must be completely vaccinated with our required vaccinations and up to date with flea and tick prevention. Your vet will discuss with you the appropriate age for all required vaccinations. No exceptions. All puppies and kittens if vaccinated must also be potty trained to be able to hold overnight(for dogs). 

Our required vaccinations are for dogs: Rabies, DHPP/DHLPP, Bordetella(recommended every 6 months).


Our required vaccinations are for cats: Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV

What are the suites like for our pets?: Our canine suites are private, simple and spacious Snyder Mfg. brand rooms. Each room includes a comfortable raised Kuranda cot, constant fresh-water, and whatever you'd like to bring for your dogs from home(beds, toys, etc). Some suites are even kept dimmer or covered with curtains in front for pups who need an extra quiet and den-like space to relax in. Our cat guests have a quiet, enclosed room all of their own. They spend their time in private cat-condos with different levels to play on, and a private cubby to snooze in!


Do you have any pictures of Three Oaks?: Of course! The best place to find pictures and stay up to date is our facebook page! 


-What's included in the boarding fee?: Along with the suite, 4+ daily one on one outings with a staff member for pups, Twice daily litter-scooping for cats, always fresh water, a daily "hotel housekeeping" room freshening service, and tons of love and attention! 

 I have more than one pet, can they stay in same kennel together?:  Yes, we actually encourage this but with a few rules... 1.) Pets must be able to eat within the same run with no aggressive behavior between them.  2.) both pets must be fed the same food and not be medicated VIA feeding  3.)  Owners must understand the risk of placing pets together in the same run. 


Can I see where my pet is staying?:   Tours are encouraged, but not allowed at the time of drop off. We pride ourselves on transparency here, and are happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have but within reason as sometimes the facility is too busy even midday to accommodate tours, mostly during summer or holidays. Tours are always during our quiet period, scheduled between 12:30-2:30. This way we can give you our undivided attention. We just ask for 15 minute notice(no need to schedule in advance unless you would like to) since we offer tours during our naptime, and sometimes we use this time to run errands or will be out of the facility(we gotta be here to show you around!).  We don't offer any tours during open business hours only because we are frequently moving dogs and assisting customers so it can be a liability issue and it disturbs our in house guests.

Why were  the dogs barking, and the floor wet during my tour... And GASP! I smelled dog!!: Well basically, because dogs are dogs. They see something new, and exciting or know they are going outside and tend to get vocal. The dogs here know our staff members very well, and most of the time are calm, quiet, and relaxing in their rooms/out in daycare playing. New people on tours, and moving dogs in and out are usually the only times they will make any noise. They're just saying "woohoo! Something exciting is going on! Hey there!". Remember, we are a working pet care facility! Dogs can be messy, spill waters and sometimes even with abundant outings, have a potty accident(especially our boarders who are incontinent seniors). We run a tight ship around here with cleanliness, and that means lots of mopping and cleaning throughout the day; but no matter how clean, you cannot completely make the dog smell disappear. If someone finds out the secret, let us know!

Can my pet catch a disease while staying at your facility?:  Yes, your pet can be exposed to disease whenever it comes into contact with other animals or where other animals are being moved.  We do our best to minimize that risk, however risk cannot be eliminated.   We require vaccinations up to date to try and minimize spread and keep our pet friends as healthy as possible. We make every effort to clean and sanitize in order to provide a clean and healthy environment for your pet during its stay. We sanitize with veterinary grade disinfectants, have strict vaccination policies, multi faceted cleaning procedures, a commercial de-humidifier and we have also installed 4 HEPA air scrubbers in the kennels and one in the lobby which is an air treatment system designed to filter and purify the air.


How does doggie-daycare work?:  Our daycare program is structured to provide your dog with a positive atmosphere that allows them to socialize and play to their full potential. Each potential dog-daycare camper must go through an assessment day, where our daycare coordinator will introduce them to the pack slowly, and see how they interact with different dog personalities. If they are a good fit, they will then be put into play-groups based on their size, personality, and play style! Campers are always attended by a daycare lead on staff, and positive-reinforcement based practices are utilized to teach your pup good manners while they are here. We use different forms of enrichment, which include activities like pool-time, follow-the-leader, fetch, tug, group-sits, group-recalls, working on general obedience, playing on our playground equipment, Scent-games and more! And of course, they have plenty of time to play with their friends in rotated-groups. Midday our campers get a treat, and naptime. If this doesn't sound like a good match for your pet, there are other great facilities in town that may be a better fit!

Why not board at the vet instead?  :   Your veterinarian provides a service that to a pet owner is priceless(and also priceless to us here at Three Oaks, we sincerely adore our local veterinary staff).   When our dogs are in need of medical attention we want our veterinarians taking care of them and catering to all their medical needs.   Please, if your pet is having a serious medical problem and you need to board, the veterinarian's office is most likely the best place for you to seek boarding...  This is what they are there for.  Most veterinarian clinics are not set up for optimal long term boarding for your healthy pet.   At a boarding facility, our primary function is to provide comfortable and spacious housing and dedicated staff whose only responsibility is to provide personal attention to the needs of your pet for the length of their stay, regardless of whether its for the day, overnight, a week or a month.    Three Oaks is designed with a healthy pets stay in mind with time to run off-leash, enjoy extra activities, enjoy a spacious room and not take up space in a veterinary setting for a pet who may need more round the clock medical monitoring. 


Who may enjoy daycare:     Social, friendly, healthy dogs of all sizes and ages who are physically-able to keep up with a playgroup.


Who might not be the best match for doggie-daycare:   Pups who are frail, very senior, unaltered males over 7 months, pregnant, over-anxious, resource guarders, physically unable to keep up with a playgroup, or are very dog-selective/aggressive. It is absolutely OK if your pup doesn't seem like a match, or didn't pass their assessment. We love them just the same! Some pups just aren't happy in a daycare group setting. We still have options for dogs like this, including private playtimes with a staff member and dayboarding!


Will my pet get the same add-ons every visit if I do it during one visit?:   The answer is no, unless you request it that way! We only repeat add ons if they are requested from you to do so. For example, Fluffy gets a suite treat one visit each night. She would  only get it each night again  if you requested us to do that the same way, each time.  Same applies with daycare add-ons. 

My pet was just vaccinated yesterday for todays visit, Is that ok?:    All pets must have at least 1 week in between receiving vaccinations and coming to our facility for any service. We ask this so that any potential side-effects run their course, and that your pet begins to get the benefits the vaccine will provide. This is the responsibility of the owners to time it out correctly before their stay, as we will not(and have not) let pets come through our lobby gate with less than the 7 day minimum. 

What should I bring for my pets stay?: 

 You are welcome and encouraged to bring some toys and treats, and any other items from home that may make them feel comfortable. We only ask a few things: Please limit bedding to a reasonable volume and bring only a few toys you feel comfortable with them having in their rooms, don't bring bedding items if your dog/cat is a chewer or destructive, don't bring rawhide or marrow bones(we do not give for safety reasons), make sure food is pre-bagged or in an appropriately sized container for their stay and unless they have a special condition requiring their own feeding equipment, please leave bowls at home! Their rooms have everything needed for a comfy stay(including stainless steel bowls), so anything they bring just makes their experience that much more cozy.



Whats on the horizon for Three Oaks?: We are always looking to the future! Floor-refurbishment, and more play equipment are all on the list to make us an even better place for your pets! We are hoping to add dog walks and pet sitting drop in visits in 2024!!

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