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Doggie Daycare

Three Oaks Pet Resort's doggie daycare program is carefully constructed to group together dogs with similar sizes, temperaments, and play styles to ensure they are getting the most out of their daycare experience.  We focus on several things during our playgroups: Enrichment, practicing good obedience with positive reinforcement, healthy play, and of course, staff interaction with the dogs. A mixture of these things creates a happy, safer environment for group play!


Our groups are rotated throughout the day to allow dogs to play and explore, and between playgroups they are brought back to their nap-rooms to relax and rest before they are taken out again. Dogs, like human kids, sometimes need a nice nap so that when they play again, they are refreshed and ready to have more fun!


All of our staff(daycare or kennel techs) are trained to understand the minute signals of dog body language, and Dani is a certified obedience trainer who takes care to make sure group play is constructive, as well as fun!


We have 2 large outdoor Daycare yards with plenty of obstacles to explore, room to run, and shaded covered areas! We also have an indoor playroom for inclement weather, or a change in scenery!


Each potential daycare participant must pass an assessment to make sure they are a good fit for our program. We accept all breeds here, with no discrimination.


If you've got a social dog who might be a good fit for our program, give us a call to schedule an assessment today!


For The Less Social Pet...

We offer dayboarding services, which includes multiple outings and love from staff without other dog interaction. Ask us about details!


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