Pet Spa Services



  • Professional Bathing: A bath with our groomer includes a bath with shampoo-massage(and conditioner if coat needs), ear cleaning, sanitary/pad trimming,  basic de-shedding(additional time is charged per half hour for our extra furry friends), blow-dry, nail trim, Cologne and a bandana! We have specialty shampoos for pups with sensitive or dry skin, as well as pups with extra oily coats.

  • Sunday Baths for Boarding Dogs: This includes a bath and a blow dry done by our staff-your pup will come home fresh!

  • Stand-Alone Sanitary Clips: Shave and clean up of paw-pads and feet, genital areas, or both

  • Nail trims: We use a combo of traditional clippers and a dremel for a smooth finish!

  • De-skunking treatments: Hey, stink happens! We are happy to help your pup smell better.

  • Stand-Alone De-shed treatment and brushout: Helps remove loose and dead hair from your dogs undercoat. This service is done without the bath. Charged per 30 minutes.










As of 6/7/2021 we are not currently taking any new clip/haircut clients, but are still taking appointments for new bath and blowout dogs! We will be happy to put you on a waitlist if you'd like.


Any current clients who have already seen Dani for their dogs clips are able to make new appointments, however!


Things To know...

  • Dogs MUST  be up to date on their Rabies vaccine to be able to attend the spa. There are no exceptions, as these guidelines are to keep our guests safe. Acceptable proof are  copies of their current vaccination records brought in upon arrival to be bathed or beforehand, or an email from your vet to with proof of current vaccinations.

  • We will only groom your pet to their comfort level at the Pet Spa. We also do not groom pregnant pets. If your pet is under extreme duress, discomfort, or has aggressive tendencies; we will do the best we can while considering their well-being. If a pet comes in matted beyond brushing and a shavedown is not permitted by owner, they will have to pickup their pet without a bath or groom service as we will be unable to help the pet at Three Oaks.

  • Please call us at 434-392-4738 for pricing and with any questions